Services Provided


In-person or telehealth evaluations offered for all ages
Comprehensive evaluations, supplemental testing, screenings, and/or evaluation reviews are provided for children and adults depending on their needs. Results of test findings inform comprehensive treatment plans and recommendations for tools, accommodations, and strategies to address attention, organization, planning, and time management skills as well as developing a deeper understanding of how to navigate the social world.


Individual or group therapy offered for all ages
Signpost Speech offers both group and individual therapy for those with executive function and/or social communication challenges. Strategies can help individuals make significant improvements in organization, planning, and time management skills to feel more successful, efficient, and accomplished at school, work, or home. Teaching understanding of and participation in social communication provides individuals with a path to make important connections with others.

Parent Consultations

Parent consultation services are offered to parents and caregivers consisting of education around executive function skills and social communication. Tools, resources and strategies are shared that can be used at school, home and the community to improve social communication and/or executive function challenges. Social communication challenges may include difficulty with regulating emotions, making and keeping friends, difficulty understanding nonverbal and/or figurative language, or social cognition. Executive function challenges may present as difficulties managing homework and projects, daily routines, following directions, carrying out daily tasks and managing personal spaces and materials.

Therapy and Adults

Executive Functioning and Adults

Executive function skills are critical to managing everyday life and reaching short and long-term goals at school, work or home. Adults can struggle with getting started, planning, organizing, prioritizing, strategizing, and analyzing tasks.  It can be difficult to initiate and complete tasks within specific time limits. Challenges with executive sfunctioning can also affect social communication. Recognizing and addressing the manifestation of executive dysfunction can help adults learn procedures to improve their personal and professional effectiveness.

Social Communication and Adults

Social communication skills remain important into adulthood – in college, on the job, and in social settings. Connecting socially with others is an important part of being human and one of the special aspects that makes us different from other species. When social communication difficulties are overlooked, people may be left longing for deeper connections without knowing how to get there. Untreated concerns may lead to low self-esteem, trouble participating in social environments, depression, building relationships, arrested academic success, and can prevent career advancement.